Catherine Knight ‘Isolation Windows’, Exeter Phoenix

This week we popped down to the Exeter Phoenix Centre to see Isolation Windows, a solo presentation of paintings by Bristol-based artist Catherine Knight running until 27th June. There was nice warming bustle of energy in Gandy Street and this exhibition really was the cherry on the top of a lovely morning! The show comprisesContinue reading “Catherine Knight ‘Isolation Windows’, Exeter Phoenix”

The Meraki Bird by Illustrator, Sophie Deller

The Meraki bird says everything we wanted it to as it soars through the sky. We love that a new, super talented young artist, Sophie Deller created our logo for us! Sophie Deller manages to transport you to a whole new world full of quirky characters and mysterious figures.  Stars wearing stilettos, dark shadows full ofContinue reading “The Meraki Bird by Illustrator, Sophie Deller”