Capturing Imaginations in Meraki Create

Parents and teachers alike have often pondered the best way to encourage creativity in children, do we need to cultivate the seed whilst they’re young, can it be discovered later, can it be lost and rediscovered? Here at Meraki we believe that everyone is creative, yes even you Mums and Dads out there. Creativity is synonymous with being alive but as we get older we become more self-conscious and fearful of making mistakes. Not wanting to look silly and feeling that we’re too old to play can really put a dampener on creativity.

Meraki Create

Our Meraki Create class is a smaller, more intimate group, for children aged between 5 and 9 years old. This is such a special age group to work with because curiosity and inquisitiveness is still so strong. Our class focuses on capturing their imaginations, encouraging exploratory behaviour and building up a visual skillset, to positively reinforce creativity from an early age. We’ll support children to grow into brave adults who are more willing to take creative risks, who share themselves through their work with confidence and who never lose the fulfilment in life that only creative expression can bring.

With that in mind moving forwards we’re going to be dividing our sessions into two key activities. One will focus on supporting the children to build their artistic skillset, this will be a structured activity where the children are introduced to new creative practices and tools, such as painting or printmaking. The other activity will allow for maximum creative freedom and exploratory play. By building up the skillset in unison we will help to build a strong creative mindset alongside the artistic skillset that will enable them to express themselves fully at they grow up.

It’s art competition time!

All children in our Meraki Create class have been entered into an international children’s art competition, alongside our older students in Meraki Inspire. The competition is run by The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and the theme that we’ll be working towards as a group is ‘Forests of Land and Sea’.

Here’s a taste of some of the lovely activities that we have in store for our Meraki Create class over the coming weeks.

Marbled Woodland (with camouflaged creatures)

Paper marbling is always so much fun! In this session the children will discover how to produce patterns similar to smooth marble using this aqueous surface design process. Using woodland colours the children will enjoy swirling and dragging inks to create their own unique patterns, which they will transfer to an absorbent surface and use as a beautiful backdrop to a woodland art piece in a later class. Then to really get those creative brain cells working the group will all create an extra piece which they can then use as a basis for designing their very own camouflaged woodland creature.

Wet Felting (with rainbow weaving)

In this session the children will be introduced to the ancient process of wet felting. This is a wonderful activity where the children will learn how to interlock and compress wool fibres together, and how to then manipulate the felt into a lovely design inspired by our theme ‘Forests of Land and Sea.’ During our extension activity in this class the children will have opportunity to have a go at weaving, exploring different fabrics to create their own rainbow patterns.

Wreath Block Printing (with nature prints)

Children will learn the basics of block printing and will be supported in designing their own repeating pattern which they will print using coloured inks to create a wonderful festive print. To further encourage exploratory printing the children will have access to various mediums and natural materials with which they can explore using as resists, rubbings or as a material for printing.

Want to join us?

If you’re not already part of the group then we’d like to invite you to come along to taster class. Start your weekend the creative way!

Other opportunities to get creative!

Meraki Halloween Craft Workshops

We’d love it if you could join us for our first pop-up shop in the heart of Exeter on Sunday 31st October 2021. We will be running a number of quality art and craft workshops from the Guildhall Centre so come on by and make a Walnut Witch, Haunted Bird House, Pom-Pomkin Garland or the Ultimate Fly Catcher!

Fancy dress and spooky vibes welcome!

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