Forests of Land and Sea

What’s next for Meraki Inspire?

Wow, what a first half term it’s been!

This half term the children in our Saturday art class, Meraki Inspire, have experimented with a range of art mediums and techniques, creating wonderful work inspired by the theme of nature and by the work of both historic and contemporary artists. The children have enjoyed creating canvas paintings, ceramic models, watercolour illustrations and pastel portraits, with a few other artworks still in the pipeline. Even after such a short amount of time we don’t think it’s possible to be more proud of them all, and we would like to invite you all to come and view ‘Falling into Autumn‘ an exhibition of the children’s artwork at The Glorious Art House between the 8th and 14th of November.

But what’s next?

We’ve been dying to let the cat out of the bag, and have managed to exercise considerable restraint considering how excited we are for what’s coming up! Next half term we have entered both our Meraki Inspire and Meraki Create groups into an internationally renowned children’s art competition.

The competition ‘Global Canvas 2022‘ is run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, a highly effective wildlife charity funding key conservation projects across Africa and Asia. Both Saturday groups will have the opportunity experiment with new artistic practices in creating artwork inspired by the theme, ‘Forests of Land and Sea.’ With forests being found all over the world, both on land and beneath the water, and which home a vast number of our planets wildlife, there’s so much inspiration to draw upon! This project is a fantastic incentive to get creative, consider our planet’s environment and express appreciation for the incredible wildlife that inhabit it.

What to expect

As a taster here’s a little glimpse into some of the activities in store for the children in our Meraki Inspire class in November (we’ve also got some magic in store for Meraki Create, stay tuned for that next week!)

Glowing Forest Painted Canvas

Children will follow the teacher in a guided approach to create their own canvas painting. In this session they will learn how to portray the effect of light on trees and add depth to their painting by adapting colour to show perspective. Children will continue to widen their understanding, and use of, different brush types.

Porcelain Coral Sculptures

In this session the children will be introduced to porcelain. They will create intricate sculptures to show the beautiful fragility of coral. Through observing the abstract forms found in nature the children will work from the middle out to create coral clusters in a design unique to them

Dry-point Bird Prints

For our very first lesson in printmaking the children will receive a thorough demonstration of dry point printing, a method which is likely new to most, if not all, of them. We will be taking an experimental approach to creating prints of birds, using variation in line to build up our images and using layering and collage techniques to add colour and texture.

The competition deadline is February 11th and so this project will extend slightly into the new year. We will enter as one big group so both the children in Meraki Create and Inspire will unite in their efforts to make a winning entry. As if the creative masterpieces created along the way weren’t enough, the competition prizes include art supplies, digital animal adoption and certificates.

We’ve been gifted with such lovely groups of young aspiring artists and we want to congratulate them on their focus and commitment to their art, but especially on each and every one of them being brave enough to try new things – keep it up!

Want to get involved?

We still have a couple of places left in our Meraki Inspire class on a Saturday morning but it is very close to full capacity. However, with expressions of interest still coming in we’re thrilled to be launching a second Saturday session at 2pm. Same place, same great content! We’d love it if you could join us 🙂

Other opportunities to get creative!

Meraki Halloween Craft Workshops

We’d love it if you could join us for our first pop-up shop in the heart of Exeter on Sunday 31st October 2021. We will be running a number of quality art and craft workshops from the Guildhall Centre so come on by and make a Walnut Witch, Haunted Bird House, Pom-Pomkin Garland or the Ultimate Fly Catcher!

Fancy dress and spooky vibes welcome!

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