Here at Meraki we provide ongoing opportunities for young people to exhibit locally, and to share the artwork that they create with the community. We want to encourage those that attend our classes to feel proud of their creative achievements and we enjoy organising exhibitions throughout the year that allow family and friends to come together to celebrate their accomplishments with us.

JULY 9th -23rd, 2022

Meraki Summer Exhibition

Meraki Art School , Exeter

The children who attend our Saturday class ‘Inspire’ will be invited to exhibit and showcase some of the works they are most proud of that they have completed over the year! The children will be shown how to select and curate their artworks and put on a spectacular summer show that will be open to the public.

NOVEMBER 8th – 14th, 2021

Falling into Autumn

The Glorious Art House, Exeter

The children in our Saturday art classes, Meraki Create and Meraki Inspire, have been busy creating work inspired by the theme of nature, They’ve created a range of artworks from beautiful canvas paintings and ceramic models to watercolour illustrations and pastel portraits, We’d like to invite you to come and see the collection at ‘The Glorious Art House’ from the 8th November. Pop in to this vibrant, lively café and creative centre to celebrate the achievement of these aspiring young artists and to enjoy something yummy!

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