Halloween Craft Workshops

Spooktacular Halloween Crafts with Meraki Art School

Join us for our Halloween pop-up shop in the heart of Exeter on Sunday 31st October 2021. We will be running a number of quality art and craft workshops from the Guildhall Centre so come on by, visit the Sorting Hat, enjoy some Wizardary Theatre and enjoy making some Halloween crafts with us!

Fancy dress and spooky vibes welcome!

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Spooky Pom-Pomkin Garland

10.30 – 11.15am

Garlands have been used for much more than draping over mantle-pieces and twirling up staircases. The Egyptians placed garlands on their mummies (the bandaged kind) to celebrate their transition into the afterlife.

So, with Halloween marking a time when many ghosts and ghouls pop back from beyond the grave to have a bit of a shindig we thought we’d make some garlands to liven up the party!

Join us for this workshop where we’ll be twisting, twirling, looping and snipping wool to make a spine-tingling supernatural garland or hanging mobile.


For children aged 4+ (younger children may need parental support)

Haunted Bird Houses

11.45 – 12:30pm

Did you know that it’s not only big, ancient houses that get haunted? Nope, they don’t even need to have net curtains and a cast iron gate. In fact, sometimes the poor little bird houses in your back garden can get taken over by ghouls and other night-time mischief-makers.

In this workshop children will make their very own haunted bird house, using a scratch-graffiti technique to make the walls POP, and decorating their spooktacular model with pine-cone bats, conker jack 0’lanterns, cobwebs, creepy-crawly spiders and more!


For children aged 4+ (younger children may need parental support)

Walnut Witches

1.30 – 2.15pm

They may look sweet but don’t be fooled, Walnut Witches can crack, crunch and chew off all manner of fingers and toes in those gummy mouths of theirs and they aren’t too bad a casting a spell or two either. Lazy by nature they spend their summers sunbathing in tree tops (hence their winkles and dry complexion) and fall to the ground in early October in search of trouble.

TIP: Some people have even been known to hang nut crackers over their doors to keep Walnut Witches away!

In this workshop we’ll walk the children through how to make these devilishly cute Walnut Witches. From their gnarled faces to their intricate clawed hands, we’ll help them to bring their characterful crones to life.


For children aged 8+ as we will be doing basic sewing

*Activity contains nuts!

The Ultimate Fly Catcher

2.45 – 3:30pm

There’s more to this fly catcher than meets the eye, not only will it help your pine cone spider to catch the juiciest flies this Halloween but it also doubles up as a dream catcher.

Come along and make this ultimate fly catching web for your pine cone spider and in return he’ll catch your spooky dreams so that you can sleep soundly this Halloween.


For children aged 4+ (younger children may need parental support)

Where to find us

The Old Coffee Pot Unit, First Floor of the Guildhall Shopping Centre, Exeter.


15 children per workshop, parents welcome to stay!

Guildhall Magic Show and Sorting Hat

For more information on the other ghoulish activities taking place at the Guildhall Centre and to book your place

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