Getting Meraki off the Ground

We welcome this opportunity to write personally to you all, a select group of people that have shown interest and support during these early stages. We couldn’t have got Meraki off the ground without you!

So many people seem surprised when we tell them Meraki wasn’t even a seed of an idea before late April this year, I believe that was also the last time either of us slept, but what an INCREDIBLE few months it’s been!

The birth of Meraki, the times no one saw…

As often happens when you put two creatives in a room together, idle chit-chat soon gives way to the discussion of ideas and conceiving of the dizzy heights of what’s possible (also known as ‘mad rambling’). We’d get together on Friday nights, eat pizza and throw business ideas across the table. It took a while, and a fair few pizzas, but once we’d decided that it wasn’t the right time to save the world’s population of stray dogs, we came back to the three things that we feel mutually passionate about – creativity, education and “I really want a studio with a coffee machine in it, you know the one’s with the little pods” – and thus MERAKI WAS BORN!

…and then you lovely people came along!

Meraki took off at quite a speed, this was somewhat unexpected but incredibly exciting. Often we’d just look at each other and shake our heads in pure disbelief that our pizza fueled imaginings were turning into something so incredible, and so quickly! We couldn’t quite decide whether the business had somewhere to go or whether it was trying to get away from us, either way we’ve had to consume an unholy amount of coffee to keep up with the developments and opportunities that came our way. We want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has played a part in our Meraki journey so far, whether we’ve met you at one of our events or you’re just following our stories on social media, we think that you are all off- the-charts-AMAZING!!

What a summer!

There’s been so many highlights this summer, from Guildfest to the scrumptious creations at St Sidwell’s, and of course our taster sessions at Exeter Community Centre. However, now Autumn looms and there’s NO HOLDING BACK the momentum of Meraki, we’ve got so much in store for you over the coming months! Some we can share with you now, some you will have to stay tuned for 🙂

Upcoming opportunities to get creative

Contemporary Craft Festival.

10th – 12th September 2021.

We’re thrilled to be part of this multi-award winning craft festival in Bovey Tracey. If you’ve never been then this is an absolute must! You can join us in the Craft Den across the weekend, where we will be running some great workshops for little crafters, inspired by the theme ‘illumination’.

Saturday Art Classes

Starting September 18th, Exeter Community Centre

For our classes, Meraki Create and Meraki Inspire, we pull on nearly two decades of experience in planning and delivering arts in education. Each class is carefully designed to help young people to develop their artistic skills and provide an outlet for their creativity to blossom. Our classes encourage young people to feel proud of their achievements and provide ample opportunity to come together to celebrate the artworks that they create.

Halloween Pop-up Shop

October 31st, Guildhall

Seriously, this is definitely one for the diary! Join us for our first pop-up shop in the heart of Exeter. We will be running a number of quality art and craft workshops from the Guildhall Centre on Halloween. Fancy dress and spooky vibes welcome! Activity and booking information COMING SOON…

Thank you everyone, and DON’T BE STRANGERS. Remember, if you see two girls pushing a huge orange trolley around Exeter with a bin-bag hanging over the side, that’s us! We don’t work for County Council and yes, we are aware of how loud the trolley is and we’re really sorry about that. Please come and say hi, it will give us a wonderful excuse to stop – you have no idea how heavy that trolley is to push!

Much love,

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